The Game Wizards were the fictional nemesis of both the contestants and their video mascot Mikey. The challenge these villains presented was the common thread that tied the show's diverse elements together. For example, during a Video Challenge, the wizards tasked a contestant to surpass a difficult score in a video game competition. They were also the final obstacle the contestants must overcome to claim the grand prize in the bonus round. The game wizards were Mongo, a large troll who hurled balls of naked energy, Scorchia, an agile and very beautiful sorceress who had tamed the element of fire, and Merlock, a genius magician with mastery of lightning and electricity. These wizards were greedy denizens of a video dimension who had found a gateway to our world and Mikey's World by way of the Video Zone, which intersected with all worlds. By using a delicate configuration of 3 magical crystal orbs, they had crossed into the Video Zone. If unchecked, they would conquer first Mikey's World, then our own. The only way to stop each wizard was for someone to enter the Video Zone through the Nickelodeon Arcade's giant Video Zone doors and destroy the 3 orbs, sending the wizards back to their own dimension for the time being.

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