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File:Level 2 - Enchanted Flight.jpgFile:Level 2 - Food Fight.jpgFile:Level 2 - Mind Maze.jpg
File:Level 2 - Nile River Raft Ride.jpgFile:Level 2 - Runaway Railcar.jpgFile:Level 2 - Snowslingers.jpg
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File:Nick Arcade - Michael and Danny vs. Megan and Heidi (Salute Your Shorts Special)File:Nick Arcade - Mike and Nick vs. Jill and Rick (Welcome Freshmen Special)File:Nick Arcade Battle of the Bands.png
File:Nick Arcade Brainstorm.pngFile:Nick Arcade Brian & Amy vs Richard & Nicole - YouTubFile:Nick Arcade Crater Rangers.png
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File:Nick Arcade Pilot 44.jpgFile:Nick Arcade Pilot 45.jpgFile:Nick Arcade Post Haste.png
File:Nick Arcade Shelina and Griff vs Jessica and RizwanFile:Nick Arcade Star Defenders.pngFile:Nickelodeon Arcade (Un-aired Pilot, 1991) - Jody and Meadow vs. Buddy and Keith
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File:Scorchia Season 1.jpgFile:Scorchia Season 2.jpgFile:Season 1 Contestant Area (1).jpg
File:Season 1 Contestant Area (2).jpgFile:Season 1 Face-Off (1).jpgFile:Season 1 Face-Off (2).jpg
File:Season 1 Host Area (1).jpgFile:Season 1 Host Area (2).jpgFile:Season 1 Set.jpg
File:Season 1 Video Challenge (1).jpgFile:Season 1 Video Challenge (2).jpgFile:Season 2 Contestant Area.jpg
File:Season 2 Face-Off.jpgFile:Season 2 Host Area.jpgFile:Season 2 Set (1).jpg
File:Season 2 Set (2).jpgFile:Season 2 Video Challenge.jpgFile:Silly the Kid.jpg
File:Skull Island.jpgFile:Skye.pngFile:Slurpy Gulch.jpg
File:Snowslingers.jpgFile:Space Station Alpha.jpgFile:Specific Ocean.jpg
File:Split Screen.jpgFile:Star Defenders.jpgFile:Stinky Sphinx.jpg
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File:The Beach.jpgFile:The Four Ps.jpgFile:The Video Zone.jpg
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File:WL - Merlock (Season 2) 2.jpgFile:WL - Mongo (Season 1) 1.jpgFile:WL - Mongo (Season 1) 2.jpg
File:WL - Mongo (Season 1) 3.jpgFile:WL - Mongo (Season 2) 1.jpgFile:WL - Mongo (Season 2) 2.jpg
File:WL - Mongo (Season 2) 3.jpgFile:WL - Scorchia (Season 1) 1.jpgFile:WL - Scorchia (Season 1) 2.jpg
File:WL - Scorchia (Season 1) 3.jpgFile:WL - Scorchia (Season 2) 1.jpgFile:WL - Scorchia (Season 2) 2.jpg
File:WL - Scorchia (Season 2) 3.jpgFile:WeGotemMall.jpgFile:What Was That.jpg
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