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Lost Gold of the Incas is an early version of the show's Video Zone and Inca-themed game.



The winning team must collect three gold coins in each level in two minutes or less. In addition, each level contained a 'power-up' that appeared periodically that, when touched, gave the player an added advantage in that level.


  1. Cliffhanger: Taking place on a cliff with a network of caves, the player had to clear the cave openings to find three coins while avoiding rock slides, snakes, vultures and giant lizards. Touching a TNT device blasted open the cave openings, thus revealing all the coins.
  2. Runaway Rail Car: The player traveled on a railway car through a Wild West town and abandoned mines; he or she had to obtain three coins while avoiding vultures, hanging timbers, cactuses, tumbleweeds and rats. If the player touched a green "luck stone," he or she regained full power.
  3. Mind Maze: A Mayan room gauntlet where the player had to collect three coins while dodging fireballs, spears, and electrified floor tiles. If the player touched a "Power" square, s/he was granted immunity to all damage for a few seconds.
  4. Tomb of Fear: A Mayan temple where the player had to grab three coins on both levels while trying to avoid bats, a statue's hammer, arrows shot from the ground, fireballs, and a mummy of a Incan Witch Doctor. Touching a beam of sunlight eradicated all enemies and unlocked all doors, revealing the hidden coins.