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Here's the first Taped Episode of Nick Arcade

Opening Face Off[]

Brainstorm- Brian vs Richard

Brian wins 65 -55.

Opening Face-Off Results
Yellow Team Red Team
25 0

Introducing the Contestants[]

Yellow Team

Brian likes to draw cartoons. Amy has been playing softball for 4 years and is the shortstop.

Red Team

Nicole enjoys shopping in the mall and talking on the phone. Richard likes to read science fiction books.

Round 1[]

Mikey's World: Time Portal

Enemy: The Bully

Area 1: Past

Yellow's Control[]

Right: Pop Quiz

Categories: Happy Days/Big Bones on the Prairie/Pencil Me In/Play it Again, Sam

Happy Days- 1950s

Question: Name the 1950s screen goddess with the initials MM who starred in such movies as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “Some Like it Hot”

Red: Marliyn Monroe (Correct) (25)

Red's Control[]

Right: Fast Forward

How many marshmallows can the kid put in his mouth in 30 sec?(4/14/24)

Both Teams said 14(Correct) (Both tied with 50)

Down: Pop Quiz

Category: Pencil Me In(Calendar)

Question: An imperfection in our present-day calendar forces us to add an additional day in February every 4 years. What do we call this year?

Red: Leap Year (Correct) (75)

Left: Video Challenge[]

Games: Dinoland/Battletoads/Chuck Rock/Alpha Mission 2/Joe & Mac

Nicole picks Battletoads

Game Challenge Result Points Wagered Points Total
Battletoads 10,000 points in Level 2 Loss with 4250 25 50
Video Challenge Results
Yellow Team Red Team
50 50


Question: Which four-legged dinosaur do scientists believe has a bony plate and a spiky tail?(Pterodactyl/Stegosaurus/Allosaurus)

Red: Stegosaurus (Correct) (100)

Game Board

START Pop Quiz Fast Forward Enemy Prize Enemy
Bonus Points Video Challenge Pop Quiz Video Challenge Bonus Points Pop Quiz
Enemy Bonus Points Video Puzzle Enemy Pop Quiz GOAL
Round 1 Results
Yellow Team Red Team
50 100

Toss Up[]

Brainstorm- Amy vs Nicole

Amy wins 70-55.

Toss Up Results
Yellow Team Red Team
100 100

Round 2[]

Area 2: Future

Yellow's Control[]

Up: Instant Replay

Question: How many magic blades did the magician use?

Yellow: 2 (Correct) (150)

Right: Pop Quiz

Categories: Watch This/Written in the Stars/Coming Soon/Maculey Who?

Watch This- Timekeeping Devices

Question: What group of giant stone blocks in England are believed to have helped ancient people keep track of the cycles of the sun and the moon?

Red: Stonehenge (Tied with 150)

Red's Control[]

Down: 50 Points (200)


How many time zones are there in the 48 contiguous United States?

Red: 4 (300)

Game Board

Pop Quiz Bonus Points Enemy
Pop Quiz Pop Quiz GOAL
Video Challenge Enemy Pop Quiz
Instant Replay Pop Quiz Video Challenge
START Bonus Points Prize
Bonus Points Video Puzzle Video Challenge
Final Results
Yellow Team Red Team
150 300

Consolation Prizes[]

Just for playing, Brian and Amy left with Skechers Shoes/Nestle Quik

Note: These prizes were altered on Nick GAS and the original prizes are unknown.

Video Zone[]

Level Area Contestant Prize Resets Time Left
1 Alien Moon Base Richard Lonestar Singalodeon None 39 sec.
2 Runaway Rail Car Nicole World Book Encyclopedias 1(11 sec. left) Loss with 1 Coin
3 Merlock Both Universal Studios, FL

Peabody Resort

Didn't Reach Didn't Reach


  • The Red Team were only given 25 points for the Goal in Round 1 instead of 50. However, Phil brings this up after the 2nd Face-Off and their score is fixed.
  • Mikey's starting position in Round 1 changes right as the first turn is taken.


  • Despite the next 2 episodes having the same toss up game, video challenges and worlds, this was the only episode taped for the day.